didn’t have time to do a strip, so my friend cp is in the guest spot for the whole shebang (awesome writing and awesome drawing skills).  he sent me this strip as an idea, and i fell in love with the drawings immediately.  my hair kinda looks like that.

i’m not an apple fanboy.  ever since my iPod nano battery went to shit during the first few days of my 4 month trip to india (and it happened a few days after the warranty expired OF COURSE), it’s been a love hate relationship with apple.  i had an iPhone when it came out but the thing didn’t even copy and paste.  everyone was like “ooooh what a piece of revolutionary technology” and i thought “but it doesn’t even COPY AND PASTE!! isn’t that equivalent to like the basics??  like being able to take a shit??”   and the texting was horrible, it made me feel hand handicapped.  which is okay if you’re handicapped.  but if you’re not handicapped, then the preference is not to be engaging in activity that would make you feel like you are.

thanks for the amazing comic cp.