i’m not affected by this toyota recall thing at all because i drive the awesome ’94 sparking white with hints of rust chrysler intrepid (aka “the big baby”).  i really want one of those senior scooters though.  like for going around the mall.  or pissing off people downtown toronto when you’re crossing the street.  because everybody gets pissed off when they’re stuck behind the senior citizen on the scooter when there’s 1 second left to cross the street.  but obviously you’re a total dick if you say anything so you can’t unless you wanna be a total dick to the senior citizen on a scooter which would mean you’re hitting an all-time personal lowpoint, and what kind of person would do such a thing and everybody wishes you eat shit and die even though the old guy on the scooter was pissing them off too and they were thinking the same thing.

i’m also aware that the punchline of this comic wasn’t the best.  it was okay.  i feel like it could’ve been funnier.  suggestions?